Fasken Christmas Party

Make your next event a gourmet extravaganza.
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    Christmas Party
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    themed event, cocktail buffet, cooking stations
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- Melinda

The event

An elegant outdoor event in the IGA Stadium in December 2021 for our loyal client Fasken. The Julien-Leblanc Traiteur team braved the cold to allow the 350 employees of this law firm to celebrate Christmas with friends and colleagues. The space was divided into four main themed sections: hot zone, ice zone, Quebec cottage zone, and games zone. Our partner, Happening, provided the decorations and the powerhouse performance by the Bleu Jeans Bleu group contributed to a festive atmosphere. This is exactly the kind of concept that allows us to showcase our creativity and know-how. The very essence of Julien-Leblanc Traiteur.

The star of the show, the food

Our mandate was to offer a complete meal in the form of appetizers and cooking stations as well as a bar service with a variety of beverages for each themed section. Therefore, four separate menus and decors were tailor made for this event. Our charming service team, dressed in winter uniforms complete with white fur hats and leather mittens, served the guests.

The team rose to the challenge

As always, our team expertly dealt with the many challenges of the event and, despite the cold, ensured that guests were satisfied.

  • Cold temperature
  • An immersive experience divided into four themed zones
  • An unknown workspace
  • Limited access to water
  • No heating in the kitchen
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