25 000 meals across Canada

  • Event type

    Christmas party
  • Option

    Meal box to heat up at home
  • Number of guests


The event

Right during the pandemic, a large pan-Canadian company asked us to organize their Christmas party. Of course, it was impossible to gather, so the concept was to make meal boxes for all employees and their families and send them to multiple addresses across Canada.

This is the largest volume of meals for a single event ever produced at Julien-Leblanc caterer.Given this high volume, we had to review our usual way of proceeding.

We had to partner with different companies for: delivery logistics, a foreign partnership for the production of certain meals, special packaging, the assembly line, warehousing, food suppliers, etc…

The star of the show, the food

The meal box involved a 4-courses dinner, ready to heat up and enjoy. Good comfort food with Christmas flavors, always prioritizing local products. All food was vacuum packed with re thermalization instructions.

The squad rises to the challenge

  • Communication abroad
  • Food restriction to be respected depending on the volume
  • Management of the supply of products according to the required deadlines
  • Communication with all suppliers and partners
  • Adequate assembly line
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