Minimum of 10 servings

5 À 7

(9 canapés)

Fried chickpea panisse, red wine onion jam, brunoise of tomatoes and salted herbs from Lower St. Lawrence *
Fried Pierogi stuffed with squash and cheese, sour cream with caramelized onion *
Salmon rillettes on pumpernickel crouton, yellow candied egg
Pulled duck arancini, garlic flower cream sauce (in spoon) °
Lamb roulade, marinated eggplant, spinach, Raclette cheese
Italian shrimp cone (tomato, basil, olives, candied garlic) *
Mini-croissant with foie gras mousse with Grand Marnier, peach marmalade
Beef flank satay with ginger, sauce sesame *
Sweet snack of the moment

* served cold or hot
° served hot only