10 servings minimum
* served cold or hot
° served hot only

Zucchini bomb, chickpeas and Bombay potatoes, coconut curry sauce *
Fresh grape coated with goat cheese in maple walnut crust
Tray of classic beef tartare, dijonnaise and pickle
Smoked duck roulade with boreal spices, Le Douanier cheese, candied cranberries with maple
Sausage and cream cheese scone pop *
Bangkok salmon satay, sweet and sour sauce *
Fried dumpling with Asian vegetables, general Tao sauce *
Shrimp stick with sundried tomatoes, arrabiata sauce *
Laab poultry tart, Thai spices, lime, coriander, mint, ginger
Lamb bundle with zataar and pine nuts, carrot hummus *
Rockefeller tuna acra with candied fennel and spinach, orange dip *
Beef roulade with Montreal spices, asparagus and Friulano