Be it for ten people or for a thousand, our team is committed to delivering impeccable service, ensuring that your experience is beyond compare. Attention to detail and taking pride in a job well done are at the heart of our values.

Contact us for a custom menu, our chef will be happy to create for you!

*Simplified menu, several options available


  • Beet Carpaccio, Bellavitano cheese, dill infused olive oil
  • Coriander flavoured red tuna tataki, marinated ginger mayonnaise and tobiko
  • Foie gras on a pound cake, served with stewed figs and apples and a Spiced Port reduction


  • Chocolate mousse on crispy praline base
  • Classic crème brûlée caramelized with maple sugar and fresh berries
  • Lemon pie in a Mason jar: almond and hazelnut crumble with whipped labneh


  • Chicken breast stuffed with sun-dried tomato, artichoke and goat cheese, served with a white sauce
  • Crusted port figs duck magret
  • White butter dill grilled salmon and leek fondant
  • Beef striploin stuffed with Reggiano, truffle oil meat glaze
  • Stack of veal filet, Migneron cheese, spinach and grilled mushroom, red wine sauce
  • Giant portobello stuffed with a fine ratatouille, four cheese gratin